Things go places
Gottr lets you keep track of them

Super simple delivery tracking and proof of delivery software.


Your business's own track and trace

Gottr is a simple way to keep track of your delivieries. Create a QR code for each consignment then scan it to log waypoints or confirm the delivery.

Gottr also lets you keep your customers up to date on their order's progress by simply sharing a link.

There's no set up, no software to install, and it's super simple to use. Just sign up with your email and you're good to go.

Delivery tracking

How it Works

  1. Create a tracker

    1. Create a tracker

    Create a QR code using an identifier like an order number and attach it to your consignment.

  2. Create a tracker

    2. Scan & sign

    Scan the code to log waypoints along the journey or confirm delivery with a signature.

  3. Create a tracker

    3. Track, share & record

    Track and share your consignment's progress, keep a record of delivery.

Proof of Delivery

Easily capture a signature at the time of delivery. All you need is a smartphone and a modern QR code app.

Optionally, you can add a note, log the recipent's email and send them a confirmation too.

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